Question 03: How many people in the audience (venue) do you expect?

When someone invites me to be the lecturer at their conference, they usually get a list of questions from me first. Questions that help me prepare myself for the lecture and to create the unique experience for the audience.
At first, these questions cause panic and fear among the organizers, but they soon realize these questions can help them prepare themselves better for the organization of the conference.

It’s not the same to have a workshop with 10 participants and to speak in front of 500 people

You have to prepare your voice and gestures

The expected number of people in the hall greatly influences the preparation of the lecturer for some lecture or workshop. It is not the same thing giving the lecture in front of 10 people where you can shape your lecture based on the questions you see on their faces or talk with a microphone in a hall in front of 500 or 5,000 people.

Fewer people in a smaller venue means that participants will be able to see the micro expressions of your face, and you will probably be able to present the messages you want even nonverbally. If, on the other hand, you are having a lecture in front of a larger audience and they cannot see the details of your face (except maybe on some screen), you lose the ability to use your own face as a storytelling object and have to use your own body and especially limbs for emphasizing details of the story.
For example: in front of 10 people you will be able to point out the details with your finger, while in front of 200 people you will have to use your whole hand.

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